Flying Over Mountains

Today I flew some software engineers about 890 miles from Saint Louis to Aspen.  I usually limit my flights to stay within the Midwest region but when this job popped up, I realized I’d never flown over the Rocky Mountains (or any mountain range really, considering the Midwest is mostly flat with mountains of corn […]

Visual Artistry

I just reread that introductory blog and I have to admit some embarrassment. I never thought I’d end up some artist guy. I just wanted to have a job that would include some element of adventure because I wanted to be “Adventure Guy” and now, here I am, “Artist Guy” talking about mediums and inspirations.  […]

Midwest Beauty

Today I was flying a little Honda Jet over Lake Michigan; the variants of blue were remarkable. As I drown out the sounds of drunk young wealth coming from the back of the jet and focused on the grandeur of the lake, it dawned on me how much time we spend just trying to recreate […]