Charcoal drawing

I made a decent (at best) charcoal aerial drawing of the Mississippi River. IT was about five inches by seven inches and I stuck it into a little post card picture frame and gave it to the kid when we flew back to Chicago yesterday.  His parents didn’t seem too impressed, but he didn’t let go of it for the almost two-hour flight.  In fact, he kept looking at it and tracing the river with his finger. 

Why not just look out the window, and down? The actual bright blue Mississippi was flowing just twenty thousand feel below and this kid – looking somehow paler and slighter than just six days previous) was fascinated with a poor black and white representation of it. 

I’ve felt that way.  I’ve chosen darkness over light, I’ve chosen lifestyles devoid of character because I felt that’s what I deserved, and I’ve recovered from these choices slowly because I kept on surviving. This kid may not survive and is already making the darkest choices.

I feel like the world’s biggest narcissistic asshole. Thanks to my asshole sister.

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