Jackson Pollock

What an interesting day of work, transporting this family.  It’s interesting to see the lengths people will go to just to survive when I’ve made an entire lifestyle on challenging my own survival.  Whether adventure, drugs or flying – I’ve never been content to settle for survival.  I’ve also never seen, up close, a family fighting so hard for it.

The colors were brighter, literally and figuratively, the eleven year old en route to treatment ignored the colors completely while his parents and I silently admired the colors.  The beauty was such a luxury that our wellness allowed us to appreciate. I think for this reason I will start trying some charcoals, unseasonal but I want to try to appreciate scenery as shapes and hues rather than just colors.  This seems like maybe it’s been too easy.

I’m not Jackson Pollock, I can’t just slap beautiful colors in interesting shapes on a canvas and have it turn out beautiful.  I’m not sure that I can slap anything anywhere and have it turn out beautiful, but I guess if I must remain alive as life has demanded, I’ll try to be creative with it. It’s gotta be better than when I spent seven months cleaning carpets in Alabama (carpetcleaningmobile.com).

My sister called to ask how the flight went because the family had texted her great appreciation. I’ll fly back early next week to bring them home. Flying with them felt like purpose, I felt remarkably better flying these guys around than the usual CEOs and Executives who rent charter jets.

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