Off to Minneapolis

I booked a flight from Chicago to Minneapolis for tomorrow, a Naperville family.  They are travelling from Chicago to Rochester, MN for cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic for their eleven-year old son who has exhausted resources in Chicago.  Their doctor has told them to “make arrangements” which I interpret to mean arrangements for this child’s passing and they interpret to mean arrangements to receive treatment elsewhere.

 My sister gave me all of this background when referring them to me for transport.  We’ve come a long way from my sister ignoring me and being embarrassed by me because of my occasional bender followed by the occasional hospital stay. They tend to not let you leave without some support. I’m pretty sure this consistent need for support is part of the reason my sister left Chicago. I’m trying to make amends.

 Blah blah blah, adventure guy turned artist guy turned recovery guy, so predictable!


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