Good luck

I’ve had such good luck with this throwaway art project. I feel less attachment to physical objects, I’ve lost all concern with a finished project, and I understanding the importance of processes.

Other little processes have become more important to me to. Check this out: my toilet has been running since April, I solved that problem by just turning off the water to the toilet.  Of course, I’d turn it back on when needing to flush, but besides that minor inconvenience this was a pretty good solution. But on Sunday, I went to the hardware store, bought a toilet repair kit, watched some YouTube tutorials, and fixed it. It took about thirty minutes. I felt great at the end. A useful finished project!

I know how to fly a plane, I’ve read literally hundreds of books, I can code (poorly), and I know lots about paints. I know so much theory and have so few practical skills.

So, now I have one more practical skill – well into my thirties!

So I’m going to return to the idea of finished product, I’m going to take all the skills I developed while throwing paintings away and try to create one that I love.

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