Vueve and iPhones

I’ve throw away LOTS OF PAINTINGS this week. It feels great. The impulse to create something beautiful remains but the pressure to have it be profound is entirely removed. This weekend I rented a pretty isolated house in Wisconsin and went out to drink coffee and create throwaway-art and walk around undisturbed. 

I brought home exactly what I went there with, I created no profound art, I felt great,  I found some zen that I’m bringing home with me to propel me through a pretty busy work week flying.

I’m feeling less and less excited about flying lately knowing that inspiration can come from anywhere.  I’m having a hard time listening to the conversations of private charter jet users as they often revolved around ideas and experiences that I’ve either grown out of or hope never to grow into.  Work conferences, private events, black tie, being on lists, etc.  The spoils of wealth are lost on some of these young executives.

That said, I’m not sure what I’d spoil myself with were I to have any semblance of wealth.  As a kid you imagine all of the outlandish things you could do with money, we all played the “what would you do with a million dollars?” game and groaned as our parents suggested investing.  And here we all are, I have had ebbs and flows of wealth and the most outrageous purchase I’ve made was this jet – a fun hobby which became a necessary income generator. 

I never bought a bounce house, a water slide, a go-kart track, or all the ice cream sundaes and pizzas I could eat. I mostly bought dumb bullshit that actually made me end up losing all my wealth – drugs, poorly planned trips to exotic places, a house that would be foreclosed, and this doesn’t include the stuff my wife was buying!  And now I have to sit and listen to these jagoffs discuss their “crazy wives” and “diminishing returns” and “investment opportunities” while sipping Vueve Cliquot and discussing the pros and cons of iPhone 7 removing the headphone jack.

 Serenity now, ya know? I just want some peace and quiet.

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