Fucking Minnesota

I woke up this morning remembering why I decided to stop doing drugs. I woke up two hours late. The cancer family had to find a different way to get to Minnesota. I had a stack of pictures for the kid, when I woke up and saw their several missed calls and texts, I threw […]


Did that eightball help me create something I loved? YES. Did I love it because I was high on cocaine? PROBABLY! Does it matter? Nah.  It also didn’t ruin my life or send me on a bender. I’ve used one eightball since, maintained work, created art, not gone broke, and not lost my mind.  I’m […]

8 Balls Help

I bought an eightball this morning. Not because I’m relapsing or weak or giving up, but because maybe it’ll have a positive impact on my fucking art. Typing that out feels like garbage. I know why I’m doing this! Doing drugs feels awesome, cocaine gives me confidence and energy, and I keep surviving so why […]

Charcoal drawing

I made a decent (at best) charcoal aerial drawing of the Mississippi River. IT was about five inches by seven inches and I stuck it into a little post card picture frame and gave it to the kid when we flew back to Chicago yesterday.  His parents didn’t seem too impressed, but he didn’t let […]

Jackson Pollock

What an interesting day of work, transporting this family.  It’s interesting to see the lengths people will go to just to survive when I’ve made an entire lifestyle on challenging my own survival.  Whether adventure, drugs or flying – I’ve never been content to settle for survival.  I’ve also never seen, up close, a family […]

Off to Minneapolis

I booked a flight from Chicago to Minneapolis for tomorrow, a Naperville family.  They are travelling from Chicago to Rochester, MN for cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic for their eleven-year old son who has exhausted resources in Chicago.  Their doctor has told them to “make arrangements” which I interpret to mean arrangements for this […]

Good luck

I’ve had such good luck with this throwaway art project. I feel less attachment to physical objects, I’ve lost all concern with a finished project, and I understanding the importance of processes. Other little processes have become more important to me to. Check this out: my toilet has been running since April, I solved that […]

Vueve and iPhones

I’ve throw away LOTS OF PAINTINGS this week. It feels great. The impulse to create something beautiful remains but the pressure to have it be profound is entirely removed. This weekend I rented a pretty isolated house in Wisconsin and went out to drink coffee and create throwaway-art and walk around undisturbed.  I brought home […]

Artist Guy?

I suppose the worst thing “Artist Guy” can do is lament his position as artist, lament his art, and pout when things don’t turn out just right.  So I’m starting over, I’m painting mountains, and I’m practicing a new approach: regardless of how happy I am with the product – finished or in progress – […]

Looking for Inspiration

I’ve been trying to create some paintings from the shaky iPhone pictures I got from my last flight. Again, these colors are impossible to create, the pictures in my mind are clearer than the ones on my phone, and I’m mostly just forlorn that the kind of beauty I saw up there seems to be […]